About Us

Welcome to the website of K9 Factory by Verschoorpak.

K9 Factory by Verschoorpak specializes in producing and supplying all conceivable items for training and practicing working dogs and all other dog sports. K9 Factory by Verschoorpak makes equipment for professional users as well as for the enthusiastic lover of dog training.

The company was founded by Toon Verschoor, who has been a decoy in the KNPV since 1974 and has also designed and made his own suits since then. We make the majority of all items ourselves in our own factory. Over the years we have built up a full range consisting of bite materials, such as bite suits and bite sleeves, but also collars, dog leashes, harnesses, IPO / IGP equipment, KNPV suits, French suits, Mondio-ring suits and civil bite suits.

Toon Verschoor's many years of experience as a helper for the KNPV and as a guard dog handler for the Dutch Ministry of Defense has ended in the development of our bite suits and other training materials.

Verschoorpak bite suits are known worldwide for their good protection and good mobility.

If you have special wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.

Toon Verschoor en Bowie, KNPV Kampioenschappen

Toon Verschoor